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Aluminium powder

Aluminium powder made by our unique production technology is used in various applications. Dec.2004, we started operations of our new plant in Kyoto, and annual production capacity has been raised to more than  1,200 tons.


Raw material for our pastes

Fireproof blicks, ALC, ceramics

Solid propellants

Aluminium flake 'Astroflake'

Aluminium flake pigments made by cutting coated foil with high precision. It's unique effect is clearly differentiated from other pigments. Particle's size and shape are uniform, comes in 22 basic colors and 5 sizes.


Plastic molding

Automobile, industrial paints

Printing inks, powder coating

Aluminium paste

Our aluminium paste's quality is assured by our own atomized powder. From virgin ingots, our continuous production process and quality control system guarantee high quality products. We produce aluminium paste for various applications.


Automobile, industrial paints

Roof coating, Can coating

Plastic coating, Printing inks

Research and development

Our powder production with atomization technology is not limited to aluminium. We are developing new business, such as alloy powder. 

Our R&D division is constantly working on development of new products, as well as new applications. 

Alloy powder

Alloy paste

New-generation aluminium paste

New products and applications

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