Aluminium Nitride (AlN )production

AlN production starts with manufacturing aluminum powder with our proprietary atomizing technology. The aluminum powder is then transformed to AlN by the process of combustion synthesis. Because of the various properties of AlN such as good dielectric properties, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient etc., AlN is widely used in the manufacturing of thermal interface materials, heat sinks, IC packages, and power transistor bases. With our integrated manufacturing process from raw material, we are able to provide high quality AlN with competitive price.


Heat resistant, bright and colorful.

ASTROFLAKE® is a unique flaky pigment based on aluminium foil. Not like other film base flake pigments, ASTROFLAKE® can be used in the plastic moldings requiring heat resisitance. Sparkling effect, like stars in the sky, can also be created by light reflection of aluminium.

Integrated production from raw materials, leads to high quality.

In the world of coatings, our aluminium paste is used for automotive coatings, industrial coatings, printing inks, and coloring of prastics. Aluminium is melted and atomized then milled in our integrated production, controlled throughout entire process, assuring its high quality. This is the reason ASTROSHINE® aluminium paste is used by most of car manufacturers.

Meet the constantly shifting demands of market.

Grobal warming concerns lead manufacturers to choose earth friendly raw materials. We are constantly serching for low risk materials in order to provide our customers with the best alternatives. We also have been updating our production processes to reduce consumption of gas and electricity.

Spherical powder made by proprietary technology.

It had been long way to the point where we finally developed our unique process to produce spherical aluminium powder. Our pilot plant was built in 1980 based on the technologies assuring safty, high quality, and low cost. In 2003, we built new plant in Kyoto to increase production capacity.

Cosmetics, Nail art, fishing lure...

ASTROFLAKE® has wide variety of applications such as custom paints fors car and bikes, coloring of molded plastics, cosmetic, nail arts, fishing lures and so on. Some of the applications are so unique that anyone have never imagined before.


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