ASTROFLAKE® colored aluminium flakes

We are producing colored aluminium flake pigment, ASTROFLAKE®.
Not like other film based flake pigments, it can be used as coloring for plastic molding requiring heat resistance.

Heat resistant, bright and colorful.

ASTROFLAKE® is a unique flaky pigment based on aluminium foil. Not like other film base flake pigments, ASTROFLAKE® can be used in the plastic moldings requiring heat resisitance. Sparkling effect, like stars in the sky, can also be created by light reflection of aluminium.

Special effects, not like others.

Because of its brightness and brilliant colors, ASTROFLAKE® is used to create the special effects, such as custom paint of cars and motorcycles.

Cosmetics, Nail art, fishing lure...

ASTROFLAKE® has wide variety of applications such as custom paints fors car and bikes, coloring of molded plastics, cosmetic, nail arts, fishing lures and so on. Some of the applications are so unique that anyone have never imagined before.